“It was the best of times…and the worst of times “— wisdom, foolishness, belief and incredulity.. all available in a new stable-coin.


A new stable coin ($FEI) was launched with pre-investment from Coinbase and Andreesen Horowitz amongst others. The launch successfully raised over US$1BN but some retail investors cried foul as they lost money on the launch (see below) and the stabilisation mechanism struggled (and continues to struggle) to keep the value anywhere near US$1 per token.

**UPDATE — see end of article — the vote is in!**


In the beginning, there was ‘Crypto’ and it was volatile. With almost…

Uniswap just released the V3 white paper and a guide to the upcoming release of UNISWAP Version 3. Previously we looked at investment strategies for Liquidity Provision on Uniswap V2 commenting on the boom in use of the platform which still holds around US$4.5Bn in LP at the time of writing this. In version two, liquidity providers (even smaller ones) have been able to make exceptional returns with a move to V3 likely, we ask if these returns will be higher, lower or stay the same?

  1. Summary TLDR;
  2. ‘Targeted LP’ = up to 4000X Capital Efficiency
  3. Tiered Fees — Payable…

Interest rates on the US$ (and most other major countries) have been low for as long as some people can remember; viz. There is a ‘desperate hunt’ for yield across the globe as professional investors look for ways to make ‘money on money’ from investing and the normal low risk investments are returning less than 1%. At the same time, governments are printing more and more money ultimately meaning the stuff you have in your account is worth less. So what to do? How about a nice safe Deposit Account? Well, I for one are not ‘feeling the love’ even…

Over Q3 2020 all of the decentralized finance (‘DEFI’) crypto-exchanges started growing rapidly, essentially as a result of Uniswap launching a more resilient and deeply-audited version of their exchange platform which had been working since 2018. This was combined with the ‘alchemy’ of monetary easing, fiscal stimuli and everyone being in lockdown, spurring the explosive results in the rest of the year.

The resultant influx of funds led to huge liquidity pools being created and many saw the opportunity to earn ‘fees’ by way of the protocol’s ‘non-negotiable’ automatic 0.3% commission, effectively allowing retail investors (not just the big guys)…

The Web Summit event attracted 53,000 people to Portugal last week, and corporate venturing and innovation partnering were in the spotlight in a lively formal debate at the specialist MoneyConf stage, on the motion “innovation labs will not save traditional banks”.

Mike Laven, chief executive of fintech startup Currency Cloud, made a strongly argued case that innovation labs would not work for banks, stating: “Collaboration is the term banks use when they are losing,” and claimed innovation labs would be nothing more for banks than “a PR exercise.”

Claire Calmejane, a director of innovation and digital development at Lloyds, however…

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